District #1 Schoolhouse
Nashua, New Hampshire

Landmark Schoolhouse

          CSAA National Schoolhouse Registry

The District #1 School has been recognized by the Country School Association of America as a CSAA Landmark Schoolhouse and has been listed on the CSAA National Schoolhouse Register. The registry is a listing of one-room schools determined to be significant and that contribute in some positive way to the appreciation and understanding of the country school experience. The registry schoolhouses are all unique in their architectural and historical heritage.

Markers are awarded to school buildings that are at least 50 years old that have been restored, renovated, or reconstructed to retain the integrity of their original design, and are well maintained. 

The Country School Association of America maintains that the registry and marker serve to recognize preservation achievements and encourage continuing care and support of our nation's remaining schoolhouses.

Applications for the registry and marker are reviewed and researched by a committee that meets at least once a year, and may include architects, historians, and preservationists. 

If you believe your schoolhouse qualifies for the CSAA registry contact:

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