District #1 Schoolhouse
Nashua, New Hampshire

CSAA Member

   Country School Association of America

The District #1 Schoolhouse is a member of the Country School Association of America, a national group dedicated to the preservation of the remaining one-room country schools across the nation.

The CSAA is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country school experience. The group is for those who are involved in one-room school preservation, history, or reenactment.


CSAA Short Video Introduction!

If you wish to view a short video describing the Country School Association of America and its mission, access YouTube below.


Benefits of the becoming a member of the CSAA:

An opportunity to join a community of people nationwide, all of whom share an interest in country schooling. Membership is $25/year and $10 for students. Complete information can be found on our website:


An annual National Conference bringing together: schoolhouse museum staff, writers, educators, historians, volunteers, and interested citizens. 

Two $1,000 Preservation Grants encouraging the preservation of country school buildings to be used for educational purposes.

 A $300 Prize for Scholarship and Artistry to the outstanding paper, video, website, essay, or book on some aspect of country schooling.

 A National Schoolhouse Registry for qualified schoolhouses.

 An on-going Newsletter with postings on schoolhouse history, book suggestions, museum programs, links for re-enactment activities etc. www.csaa.typepad.com.

The use of a Listserv (inquire at oneroom-owner@yahoogroups.com or http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oneroom/) devoted to country schooling to facilitate networking.


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